About Us

How We Got Started…

Mudbugs Cajun Catering, Inc. is a rapidly growing seafood catering business founded for one purpose:

Bringing people together to enjoy Cajun delicacies that are prepared using traditional time-tested recipes & techniques perfected by generations along the backwater bayous of Louisiana.
Our founder was born and raised on a Large rice and crawfish farm in Southern Louisiana. He brings with him more than 30 years of seafood boiling experience. Naturally, it wasn’t long before he was throwing regular crawfish boils for his family and friends. When he wasn’t busy cooking for family and friends, just like a bee to honey, he was drawn to just about every crawfish event in the South. It didn’t take very long to notice that improperly prepared crawfish was more the rule than the exception. Too many establishments (you know who you are…) are either taking quality reducing shortcuts or plain just don’t know the proper spice combinations and cooking techniques handed down from generation to generation in south Louisiana.
After much enthusiastic encouragement from his family and friends our founder created Mudbugs Cajun Catering, Inc. to provide a “true” taste of authentically prepared Louisiana boiled seafood and traditional Cajun dishes using his unique custom blend of specially prepared spices and ingredients.